Two ninja warriors just training #fitness #strong #health #lift Instagram Account : kwameduah Kwame Duah - Popular creator @kwameduahofficial Kwame Duah Pro World Champion Bodybuilder Actor Snapchat :kwamdawg 📧 : [email protected] TikTok Viewer

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dxddy_izabella - izabellasmith 5 days ago
dxddy_izabella - izabellasmith

Omg you replied I’m a huge fan I’ve watched you on my tv once on ninja warrior I said to my parents you were famous on TikTok and I showed you to them

motocross_4_life06 - TANK 4 days ago
motocross_4_life06 - TANK

before anyone says he's on steroids I've watched a yr video and done a bit of research and he is 100% natural from what was found

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